LaGrange County Regional Utility District

Fawn River

The Fawn River Crossing was developed to spur economic development in this critically important area.  The need for an industrial park with municipal water and sewer had become apparent to the county government.  The Fawn River Crossing project is a partnership of the LaGrange County Redevelopment Committee, County Commissioners, County Council, County Economic Development Corporation, and the LaGrange County Regional Utility District. 

The Economic Development Expansion Project and the City of Sturgis have partnered to make this project possible.

The project provides water, fire protection, and sewer for existing industry and businesses.  It also provides for the expansion of new industry and their utility needs.

Supply: (2) Deep wells with (500) g.p.m. capacity.
Treatment:  Iron Removal, Chlorination.
Tower:  A 500,000 gallon tower at (140) feet in height, and a maximum operating pressure of a maximum of (55-  60) p.s.i.  Delivered pressures and volume will vary to the site.
Distribution Mains:  Pipe size of (10") C900 mains.
Hydrants: At (400-500) feet separation.
Water Meters:  Neptune, Minimum (5/8").  (Ordering info. provided).
Backflow Prevention: Required on all fire suspension system connections to the potable water, and as 
                     required by the Operations Manger of the LaGrange County Regional Utility District.

Click here to see information regarding the water permit.
Click here to see an example of the water permit.

Distribution:  Gravity Sewers are predominant, ten (10") inch size.  Some areas along SR 9 will have low pressure force mains with pump systems to service their facilities.  Most facilities along Interchange Drive will have gravity lateral connections to the sewer mains.
Treatment: Treatment will be provided by Sturgis, Michigan.

Click here to see information regarding the sewer permit.
Click here to see an example of the sewer permit.

The project has made every effort to maintain a very competitive water and sewer rate.
Billing is done on the 5th of every month and payment is due within 15 days. If payment is not received by due date, account is subject to a 10% penalty. If the account falls behind in 30 days in arrears, customer could be subject to a shut off. If customer account is shut off, there will be disconnect and reconnection fees.

Consumer Confidence Report 
Click the link below to view the Consumer Confidence Report
2019 0605 Water CCR.pdf

For Example:

The rate per 1,000 gallons of water is $1.70
The rate per 1,000 gallons of sewer is $4.10

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