LaGrange County Regional Utility District


 The following are the steps that a customer would need to follow for a brand new connection to the District's system:

Bring a copy of your site plan to the District office, at 116 E Wayne Street, LaGrange, to obtain a construction release (sample below), you will need this in order to obtain your building permit from the County.   We will need a copy of your deed along with the parcel numbers of your property so that we may prepare an easement (sample below) allowing us access to your property in order to maintain the grinder pump.  We will then have the easement recorded at the county recorders office, depending on which county your property is located.  At this time you will need to pay your connection fee (Please see the links below the list of connection fees) and a $70.00 inspection permit fee. The cost of the grinder pump is also your responsibility and is not purchased from the District.  Please contact the District for grinder pump specs and information. The connection fee and the permit fee can be paid with one check made payable to the District.

Sample Easement Form:

Connection Fee Schedules: 
Region A
Region B
Region D (Fish/Stone)
Region F (Fish/Royer)

Once your connection is made, your contractor will need to contact the District Administrative office at 260-499-6349 at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance for an inspection of the installation of the grinder pump.  The District staff has a checklist they will follow when doing the inspection of the connection, this list details the type of materials needed for the installation.  Once the home has been tied into the grinder pump the billing for the property will commence.   

Please remember to call before you dig.  Call 811.  They will contact everyone to have all lines located.  

We have put together several pieces of information that the homeowner and/or the contractor might find useful.
Click here to see the Inspector Checklist
Click here to see Additional Guidelines for Installing Contractors
Click here to see a Connection Diagram

If your
RED LIGHTis on once your pump is connected to the system please contact the District at 260-351-2163 or if it is after hours you may use the emergency pager at 888-246-7782 and use your telephone keypad to enter your phone number and someone will contact you back.
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