LaGrange County Regional Utility District

Region C Wastewater Project Information

The First Billing Cycle for Region C Wastewater is expected to billed and due in December 2018. You should expect to receive a coupon booklet with billing/payment information included in mid November 2018.

Region C Sewer Rate Ordinance 2018-10-01(A)

Region C Sewer Rate Ordinance 2018-10-01(A).pdf
903.5 KB
Region C Proposed Rate Ordinance Draft

Region C - Howe Cedar Lake Area Sewer System Map of Proposed Service Area

Region C - Howe_Area Sewer System.pdf
287.2 KB

The Following Seven Documents Contain Important Information for  Potential Wastewater Customers in the Region C Project.  These Documents Were Provided via Mail to Potential Customers in March 2018.

1. Cover Letter
Cover Letter.pdf
64.3 KB

2. Project Status
Project Status.pdf
352.9 KB

3. Grinder Pump and Easement Information
Grinder Pump and Easement Information.pdf
512.4 KB

4. Standard Easement Form (sample)

Standard Easement.pdf
308.5 KB

5. Planning for Connection
Planning for Connection.pdf
409.8 KB

6. Connection Waiver Information

Connection Waiver Information.pdf
430.7 KB

7. Sample Connection Checklist
Sample Connection Checklist.pdf
207.7 KB

The Following document is a questionnaire that the District is asking potential customers to complete and return to the District.
Region C WW Survey-Questionaire.pdf
101.1 KB


The following Documents were Provided at Previous Presentations.

December 6, 2017 PER Public Hearing Presentation.
Region C WW Project PER Presentation 12-6-17.pdf
3.2 MB

August 8, 2017 Howe Community Association meeting presentation documents.
2017-08-08 HCA Information Meeting.pdf
2.1 MB

2.9 MB

August 21, 2017 LaGrange County Board of Commissioners presentation documents.

2017-08-21 Board of Commissioners Mtg LCrud Sewer Proposal Final.pdf
2.4 MB

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