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Region C Phase 1 Wastewater Project

Region C Phase 1 Wastewater Project includes Cedar Lake, Howe, SR9 corridor, and Indiana Toll Plaza #7. This project is under construction and estimated to be completed in December 2019. Once the project is complete, the District will issue notices in writing to each property owner of their obligation to connect. No connection can be made prior to this notice.

Region C Phase 2 Wastewater Project

Region C Phase 2 Wastewater Project currently includes North Twin Lake, South Twin Lake, Pigeon Lake, Still Lake, and some surrounding rural area. This project is in the very early stages of a Preliminary Engineering Report. Please check back in the future for updates.

Regions B and F Wastewater Improvements Project

The Region B and F Wastewater Improvement Project includes:

Region B:                                                                 Region F:
McClish Lake                                                         Fish Lake (Johnson Township)
Lake of the Woods                                             Royer lake
Big Long Lake
Pretty Lake
South Milford Blackman Lake
Big Turkey Lake
Little Turkey Lake
This project is in the final design of engineering phase. The project is progressing quickly, please check back regularly for updates. Also, sign up for Current Project alerts to have any update sent directly to you.

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