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Region C Phase II Wastewater Project

Region C Phase II Wastewater Project currently includes North Twin Lake, South Twin Lake, Pigeon Lake, Still Lake, and some surrounding rural area.

The district recently mailed a Second Notice mailing to property owners that we still need to obtain an easement document from. If you received this notice, please contact our office. If you believe you have already returned your easement, there may have been an issue with the way it was signed, or perhaps you have more than one parcel for which another easement would be needed.

The district has been in contact with the Indiana Finance Authority and the Indiana State Revolving Fund and is currently seeking additional grant funds for this project. After discussions with SRF and an undetermined financial package, the district has recently voted to reject all bids that were received with project. With a plan to “phase” in this project, they have reduced the scope of the project for the first phase and will be sending it out for new bids. Items that were excluded in this phase will be expected to be bid next year. The intent is to keep the project cost fundable while obtaining a reasonable rate for customers.

Please check back for updates.

Regions B and F Wastewater Improvements Project

The Region B and F Wastewater Improvement Project includes:

Region B:                                                                 Region F:
McClish Lake                                                         Fish Lake (Johnson Township)
Lake of the Woods                                             Royer lake
Big Long Lake
Pretty Lake
South Milford Blackman Lake
Big Turkey Lake
Little Turkey Lake
The project is considered substantially complete. There are final items to check off the list, but for the most part, this project is wrapping up. Sign up for Current Project alerts to have any update sent directly to you.